SZ-GN 1/1

The blast cabinet is a versatile unit designed for efficient cooling and preservation of fresh produce at reduced temperatures. Rapid cooling of cooked foods prevents unwanted proliferation of microorganisms. This way, chilled dishes retain their natural taste, color and aroma. A dish prepared in this way introduces a good mood and pleasures the palate of any impatient consumer.
  • modes: SOFT (cooling +3ºC ); HARD (freezing -36ºC)
  • voltage rating: 230V 50Hz
  • defrost: automatic
  • condensing unit: built-in
  • cooling: dynamic cooling
  • energy-efficient condensing unit
  • stainless steel finish interior
  • exterior body of stainless steel
  • »UV« fluorescent - bactericidal
  • rack for G/N containers
  • three G/N 1/1 containers (SZ-6GN 1/1)
  • six G/N 1/1 containers (SZ-12GN 1/1)
  • defrosting (automatic)
  • legs for device leveling (adjustable)
  • automatic evaporation of condensate (except the version for fruits and vegetables)
  • dynamic cooling
  • full hinged doors with optional choice of opening direction
  • ecological polyurethane foam insulation
  • electronic temperature regulator with digital display
  • additional G/N containers
  • set of wheels
  • temperature recorder (USB)
  • Colour of metal parts - front:
    • Inox
Symbol Condensing unit Depth Number of cantainers
SZ-6GN 1/1 740 mm 6 x GN 1/1
SZ-12GN 1/1 740 mm 10 x GN 1/1