Refrigeration equipment

Refrigerated glass cases

Refrigerated glass cases are designed to store and display a wide assortment of foodstuffs. Specially designed lighting guarantees ideal display of meats, fish, cold snacks, cheeses, or intermediate products. Our devices ensure universal and eye-catching display space for small and large retail stores. All models can be adapted to be joined in any configuration.

Our offer includes devices with a built-in condensing unit as well as devices adapted to external power supply.

Corner refrigerated glass cases

Pastry Display Counters


Designed for display and self-service sales of dairy products, meats, beverages as well as fruits and vegetables in low temperatures. Different sizes of the stands that we offer will cater for the needs of every retail store.

Our stands are characterized by: elegant design, easy access to products, good lighting of shelves and a large display area with compact size. Carefully designed cooling system guarantees low operation cost and a long life of our devices.

Refrigerated cabinets

High-quality manufacture, robust construction, and energy efficiency are the basic advantages of our refrigerated cabinets. The exterior of the cabinet is made of sheet metal electrolytically and powder coated, while the interior is made of aluminium sheet metal. Refrigerated cabinets will help to optimize the storage of products in the back offices, while the models with glass door will allow the customer for a direct contact with the goods. In each of our devices, we use world-class, energy-saving, and reliable aggregates.

Ice cream dispenser

Dystrybutory do lodów pozwalają na prawidłowe przechowywanie i atrakcyjną ekspozycję produktu. Dzięki najnowszym technologiom urządzenia gwarantują utrzymanie produktów w doskonałej jakości.